Seven ‘Housekeeping’ Chores to Perform on Your Mobile Phone Today

Seven ‘Housekeeping’ Chores to Perform on Your Mobile Phone Today

Managing apps on a mobile phone can help improve performance, free up storage space, and make it easier to find and use the apps you need. Here are seven ‘housekeeping’ chores to perform on your mobile phone today to help you achieve such goals:

  1. Organize Home Screen: Group similar apps together in folders. For example, create folders for social media, productivity, photography, and travel. Place frequently used apps on the home screen for quick access. You can even put your favorite apps in a folder on the home screen labeled “Favorites”.
  2. Remove Unused Apps: Regularly review your apps and uninstall those you no longer use. Unused apps take up storage space and may run background processes, affecting performance. Consider using the “App Usage” feature on your phone to identify apps you rarely use.
  3. Update Apps: Keep your apps updated to ensure you have the latest features, bug fixes, and security patches. If comfortable, enable automatic updates in your app store settings to save time.
  4. Use Widgets: Customize your home screen with widgets. Widgets provide quick access to app functions without opening the app. Use widgets for weather, calendar events, notes, and more.
  5. Optimize Notifications: Manage app notifications to reduce clutter. Disable notifications for less important apps and customize the types of alerts you receive.
  6. Use App Shortcuts: Take advantage of app shortcuts (available on some Android devices and iOS) to quickly access specific features within an app. Press and hold an app icon to reveal shortcuts or quick actions.
  7. Backup and Sync Settings: Backup app data and settings to your cloud account, if available. This can be useful when switching devices or in case you need to restore your phone. Take advantage of app-specific cloud syncing options for seamless data transfer between devices.

Just as we do regular cleaning in our home, we need to also apply those same cleaning principles to our digital lives. I know, it is one more task to add to our already busy lives, but it will prove useful in the long run.

Photo: Pixabay

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