Add Decluttering to Your Self-care Regimen

Add Decluttering to Your Self-care Regimen

Clutter makes us less productive, more stressed, and unfocused. Starting off the day facing a kitchen counter, dining room table, or office desk covered with stuff is discouraging. Devoting those last few minutes before bedtime to putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and tossing or filing the mail you dumped on the dining room table equates not only to good housekeeping but also to your well-being.

Likewise, organizing your desk before quitting for the day—filing papers, stacking the “to-do” work, and straightening out the chaos created throughout the workday—sets you up for clear thinking and a more productive morning. Bonus, you will walk away with confidence and a lilt in your step, knowing that all is in order.

Want to know more about the psychology behind this? Check out this article on EveryDayHealth.

If you need help setting up a system for organizing or for help clearing out “stuff,” I a

m happy to assist.

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