The Latest Scoop on Tipping

The Latest Scoop on Tipping

What is going on with tipping guidelines these days? There seems to have been a shift since the pandemic started of whom we tip, how we tip, and how much we tip.

During the pandemic, we started tipping for takeout to support the local restaurant staff who were cooking and packing up our orders to make up for the lack of tips from sit-down dining. Now that sit-down dining has returned, patrons are still expected to tip for takeout.

Tip jars are prominently displayed in places we have never or rarely seen them before: at counters of convenient stores, takeout counters, and retail stores.

I have even heard of online shopping sites having a place to enter a tip when placing an order.

What’s more, those tip screens that suggest gratuity amounts that often start high and go higher. Do these intimidate you? There’s even a name for this, “guilt tipping”. Isn’t that all too often what you are experiencing? I know that I am.

How much to tip? Not so long ago, 15-20% was considered the “appropriate” amount to tip, but the new norm is 18-25%. Curiously, some people’s (ir)rationale is that prices have gone up, but 15% of a higher price is still mathematically higher.

If you are looking for some guidelines on how much to tip, consult the following:



If you find some of these changes annoying and one more thing “eating away” at your budget, you a

re not alone. ABCNews

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