Cool Summer Drinks

Cool Summer Drinks

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than lingering over any liquid served to you over ice. When organizing backyard gatherings, though, how often are drinks the last item to spark your creativity? Rather than the standard iced tea and lemonade, let us put on our thinking caps and explore cool summer drinks.

I have a friend who will seek out a new concoction every year to be her signature drink for the summer. I think that is such a “cool” and brilliant idea! Come on folks, we can do that, right?

To get some inspiration you may want to explore the following websites to see what fun non-alcoholic drink might become your go-to summer beverage

Woman’s Day

The Spruce Eats

Our Food and Home

Taste of Home

Southern Living


Now after investigating these sites, what have you selected as your signature 2022 cool non-alcoholic summer drink?

Photo: Pixabay

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