Less (Stuff) is More (Time)

Less (Stuff) is More (Time)

I would like to share with you an article from the Washington Post which extols about the need to buy less stuff.

For my last birthday, I was delighted that my friends gave me flowers, gift cards, and balloons—nothing that needed storage, batteries, recharging, maintenance, dusting, or repair. When you are fresh out of school and just starting out, accumulating stuff is what you do: you need to furnish your first apartment and buy clothes for work, for example. But as we age, the stuff gets to be a burden: things break, get dirty, take up space. The less we have, the simpler our life.

Try to encourage people in your life that give you gifts to share with you more experiences and items that are consumed, rather than just more stuff for you to find a home.

Photo: Pixaby.com

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