Putting Off Cooking for the Holidays?

Cooking for the holidays

My previous blog was about getting organized to fight procrastinating on a household chore. Did you ever consider applying the same technique to cooking? Face it, we all tend to put off cooking for the holidays. It is just one more chore that needs to be done during a hectic season. However, the rewards of having it done ahead of time are priceless!

If you find that you are not in the mood to cook, but you have a deadline of an approaching holiday or even just tonight’s dinner, try breaking down the big steps.

Early in the day, pull out the cooking utensils—whatever pots, pans, spatulas, bowls, and other tools you will need. It takes just a minute but will get the ball rolling.

Later you can spend a few minutes measuring ingredients and chopping. Set those aside, refrigerating the ingredients that will spoil. By the way, I do find that taking the time up front to measure all the ingredients not only ensures you have the quantity of an item needed for the recipe, but it really does speed up the time you are spend on cooking your dish.

Since you have already done the heavy lifting, now all that is left is the cooking itself, which will be more enjoyable—or at least less taxing.

The most rewarding outcome is that when the holidays do roll in, you will have a large portion of prepared recipes that you can pull out of the freezer. You will be so happy you did not procrastinate!

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