5 Ways to Prepare Your House to Retain Heat This Winter

5 Ways to Prepare Your House to Retain Heat This Winter

Oil and natural gas prices are expected to significantly rise this winter. While you can’t control prices, you can take some measures to conserve heat. Here are five ways to prepare your house to retain heat this winter.

  1. Have your boiler/furnace cleaned. You should have this done by a professional every year. Identify problems before they become emergencies. Imagine waking up on a January morning to your home being 60 degrees…or less! Avoid what you can control now. Call your HVAC company pronto!
  2. Remove window air conditioners or cover them and seal the windows. Snow has already fallen in many locations; therefore, do this as soon as you are able.
  3. Seal windows. You can use weather stripping, plastic sheeting, and tape designed for this purpose. There are many products available. I’m not endorsing any specific brand, just offering some examples so you know what I’m referring to. I installed plastic sheeting on my parent’s patio sliding doors and could instantly feel the difference.
  4. Block off drafts under doors: You can get basic functional ones or fun, decorative door blockers.
  5. Install storm doors if you don’t have them. Having that extra layer of glass will decrease the amount of cold air entering your home.

Taking any of these steps will make a difference in sealing your home and preventing your hard-earned money from going out the window…or door.

Photo: Pixabay

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