Common Household Items You Need to Get Rid of Now

Common Household Items You Need to Get Rid of Now

As we approach fall, the cooler temps may compel us to be inside more. Thoughts may just turn to tackling some cleaning out, weeding out, and sorting. As a result, today we will explore common household items you need to get rid of now based on expiration dates, potency, or flavor.

Makeup – Don’t you really hate it when you spend good money on makeup and either forget you bought it or haven’t used it EVER. Contrary to what you may have heard, makeup does have a shelf life. One should toss their makeup based on these guidelines. It is not worth getting a rash or infection due to using old items, no matter how much you spent on them.

Spices – Opening a spice jar is such a symphony of smell. When you open spices that have been sitting around in your cupboard or pantry and there is an off smell or no smell at all, time to toss. Using these guidelines will help you ascertain what spice is still good to use to enhance your latest culinary concoction.

Over the Counter Medication – What exactly does the expiration date on these meds mean? Is this the date that the stores should no longer sell the product? How long are the meds safe to use? I turn to Common Sense Home for guidance.

Personal Care Items – Items such as shampoo, conditioner, and hand lotion do eventually need to be tossed. Once you see the breakdown of the product or its separation, do not use these items. A general guideline is to dispose of them after 2 -3 years if opened, 3 -4 years if unopened.

To help you remember when you bought any of the items we are talking about today, label each new purchase as soon as you come home. Take the guesswork out of remembering. See my previous blog to learn more about one of my favorite organizing tools, the label maker.

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