The Semi-Annual Clothes Swap

If you live in a climate where summer and winter vary enough to require you to have two sets of clothing, then it’s that time again for the semi-annual clothes swap! Here are some tips to help you finish this task.

For some of you, it may be the happiest time of the year when you can bring out your favorite turtlenecks and sweaters, putting away the sleeveless tops and sandals. For others, it is a very sad time knowing you will be forced to be bundled up in order to keep warm. Regardless, it is a necessary evil that we all must face two times a year.

Clean Clothes – Make sure all your summer clothes are clean before putting them away. Food or body odor attracts critters, and you don’t want your clothes ruined. Take inventory of any item that needs to go to the dry cleaner and run them over while washing all remaining summer clothes.

Decisions – Before just putting your clothes all away till next summer, look at what you have and decide what you really don’t like anymore and what doesn’t fit, or is stained. Letting go of such garments now will allow you to be able to grab what you want next season. Why store items that don’t make you happy?

Storage – Where your clothes are being stored will determine the best storage container. To keep your clothes dust free, they need to be in a covered container. Cardboard boxes are OK but plastic bins are better. They are can be sealed tighter to keep out critters and dust. Please label what is in each container to make it easy to grab items if you need certain clothes or shoes earlier than others.

If you are fortunate enough to have a closet or drawer space that allows you to keep all your clothes out year long, that is terrific. You may only need to swap the placement of in season clothes to allow for easy access.

Happy swapping!

Photo: Pixabay