We’re Loving – USPS Informed Delivery Service

Summer means vacation time for many Americans. Often, this means weeks of uninterrupted relaxation and time with family and friends. In today’s digital world, we can largely stay up-to-date on correspondence via email, but what about snail mail? Many of us, including me, still depend on the United States Postal Service.

Will you be traveling this summer and expecting an important piece of mail? If so, there is a new service for you called USPS Informed Delivery Service! The United States Postal Service has been photographing our mail for years. With this new service, you can now view what mail parcels are being delivered to your physical mailbox. This is certainly advantageous for those who travel a lot or want to be sure they are getting the mail they expect.

This is a free service, all you have to do it sign up on their website. It is now available in most zip codes. Just enter your zip code to see if you are eligible. If so, once enrolled, you will receive an email each morning with images of what you can expect in your actual mailbox each day. Currently the system only works for letter size mail but they hope to add flat size pieces like catalogs and magazines in the future. How cool is this?

Photo: USPS

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