3 Tips for Living with a Messy Person


Most people can relate to living with a roommate or significant other who might not have the same organization style. Usually one person is tidier and one person is a bit more relaxed about cleanliness and clutter.

For example, it might be okay for one person to leave his or her dishes in the sink from breakfast all day long. The other person might consider this an act of complete disgust! These types of cleanliness nuances can be a major point of contention in any cohabitation relationship!

So how do you deal? Here are a few tips to make your life happier and less stressful.

  1. Learn the Art of Compromise – In any living situation, it’s important to acknowledge each person’s individual styles of organization and cleanliness, set expectations and learn to compromise. If you don’t have these conversations, you’re going to start resenting each other. If one person is a bit obsessive about being clean and clutter free, and the other person is more relaxed, talk about what is okay. For example, it might be okay for one pair of shoes to be left in the entryway, but on the flip side, agree to clean and put away dishes after each meal. Talk specifics, and go into detail about what each room should look like. You may be surprised by each other’s answers.
  2. Allow for Individual Spaces – It is possible for each person to have an area or a room for himself or herself? This allows each person to practice his or her own style of living and this space – whether cluttered or perfectly tidy – can be a sanctuary for alone time. Also, if the room is rather cluttered, the other person can simply shut the door and turn a blind eye to the disorganization.
  3. Avoid Nagging! – Nagging will get a person nowhere. It will only lead to emotional turmoil! Likewise, being passive aggressive about the issues will just turn into a non-verbal war. I’ve heard stories about roommates leaving post-it notes telling the other person to take out the trash or empty the dishwasher! Being direct and kind toward the other person can go a long way.

What are your tips for living with your roommate or significant other? Share them below!

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