Purge! Unused Gifts

Unused Gifts

Let’s go back to the last holiday season. You’re opening gifts, and unwrap something that you know you’ll never have a use for. But out of guilt, you keep it and tuck it away in your closet. Fast forward seven months later, that gift – and maybe some others – are sitting in the closet taking up space.

We’ve all been there! It’s natural to feel bad about returning it or giving it away, but the important part about the gift is actually “receiving” it. If you don’t have a use for it, part with it.

Below are three ways to clear that clutter, and find another home for unused gifts:

  1. Regift – If a gift wasn’t for you, it very well could be a fit for one of your friends or family members. If you’re thinking of regifting, be smart about it. Make sure the gift lands in the hands of someone outside the social circles of the original gift giver. Also, make sure you remember who gave you the gift to begin with! You don’t want to risk giving it back to the person who originally gave it to you! Can you imagine? Well, maybe it has happened to you? Yikes!
  1. Donate – Instead of taking up space in your closet, donate an unused gift. There are so many people and organizations that will cherish the gift, and you can feel good knowing that you’ll put a smile on a stranger’s face.
  1. Return – Lastly, don’t forget about the ability to return an item. Now, most gift givers will remove the tags and retail information before wrapping, but that’s okay! If you’ve received a popular name brand item, there is a chance it can be returned without the receipt for store credit. Around the holidays, most retailers have more lenient return policies. If your friend or family member gave you a gift receipt, then of course, feel empowered to return that gift!

Not all gifts are going to be winners in the recipient’s eyes. Unless we have a wish list for the person, we are only (hopefully) thinking of that person and their likes and dislikes. I don’t know about you, but once I do give a gift, I do not clog up my brain with a list of past gifts I have given. I also am not the type of person that goes looking for the gifts I gave someone.

When working with my clients, we often come across a gift someone gave them Naturally, I ask them about it. Oftentimes the look on their face says it all and they do not like it, need it, or want it. Yet there is this guilt that comes along with parting from it. I have to let them know that it is ok to let it go. Another person will love it, use it, and want it.

I give you all permission to not feel guilty about letting go of a gift you have received. You may regift it, donate it or return it. Now, don’t you feel better?

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