Tip Tuesday: 5 Pet Organization Tips

Pet Organizing

Pets are very much a part of the family. Anyone who has a dog, cat, or even a hamster, knows this to be true. I’ve written about how to organize your kids’ belongings – but what about the other furry family members? Yes, Fido and Kitty seem to accumulate stuff just as quickly as our children. And let’s face it; they’ll never be old enough to pick up after themselves. In order to keep your pets’ items organized; follow these easy pet organization tips to help contain their clutter.

  1. Designate a Basket for Toys – Stuffed animals, tennis balls and rubber kongs. So many toys! After your pets are done playing with these fun toys, put them away in a designated basket. Just like your children’s toys, Fido and Kitty need to also have a dedicated place to keep their toys. If you have more than one level to your home, keep a container on each.
  1. Keep the Food in One Place – It’s easy to get carried away purchasing food and treats for your furry friends. To avoid over-purchasing; keep all their food and treats in one spot. You will be able to keep track of what you need to buy if the food is all together. Depending on your storage space, it may also help to keep any treats and dry food in clear containers so you can see how much is available.
  1. Get a Hold of Your Leashes – If you’ve misplaced your pooch’s leash before, it’s time to get organized! Create a space for your pets’ leashes near the door where you exit regularly. This can be a hook or a small basket. Make sure to go through these items regularly and discard collars that are too small and leashes that are worn out.
  1. Get Their Medication in Order – Place your pets’ medication in a clear storage container. Like your own mediation, go through it to make sure the medication hasn’t expired. You can keep the medication in the cabinet alongside their food. Additionally, you can also store their medication with your own medication as long as each bottle is clearly labeled as pet medication.
  1. Purge or Donate Old Clothes – Now is the time to go through all their outerwear clothing to see what is too small or too worn out. If a piece of clothing is worn out, purge it! If it’s too small, donate it! Keep what currently fits and is in season near the door. You can place their clothing hanging on the hook or in the basket alongside their leashes. Any offseason clothing can be stored with your clothing, and tucked out of the way.

Pets bring so much joy to a home, but sometimes a pet owner can get frustrated when Fido or Kitty’s “stuff” is taking over. Avoid getting frustrated, and start getting organized. By doing this, you’ll have more time and energy to love your favorite furry friend.

Photo: Sarah Jayne Photography

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