Tip Tuesday: 5 Tips to Organizing Electronics Cords

Cable cord organization

Living in the digital age has certainly made our lives easier, and more efficient. But there is one pesky, unattractive thing that technology brings – cords! Perhaps you received another electronic device over the holidays, and your spider web of wires has grown. Or maybe you are just sick of looking at the web of wires under your desk. The good news is that there are organization solutions for those cords! Below are my favorite organization products for taming those wires under your desk.

Binder clips – Who says organizing products have to be expensive? I love this affordable way to solve the issue of cables falling behind your desk. If you have devices like an external hard drive that require a USB cable, and you are constantly unplugging and plugging it in, this will save you from clumsily reaching your arm behind the desk and praying you find the right cord.

Tangle free cable organizer – If you prefer not to adhere an item to the back of your desk, use these as an alternative. There is a slot to slide your USB connector and also grooved space on the base to allow you to wrap your cord nice and tight.

Black box cable hub – Say goodbye to tangled cords! This black hub keeps your cable cords concealed and even hides your power strip.

Cord control – Have you ever looked behind your desk or entertainment unit to find a layer of dust on your cords? So now you have unsightly cable cords, as well as dust! This organization product for cords and cables streamlines and conceals your cords in a tube and also keeps them dust free. This is a win-win!

Cable twisters – I’m twisting and shouting for joy with these cable twisters. Not only are they fun, but also they can hold multiple cables and cords together. They come in white, black or a pack of 3 assorted colors, and you can use them to color code different types of cord groups to make disconnecting computer devices quick and easy.

As we sink further into the new year, challenge yourself to organize those cable cords. Do you have a great tip for taming your electronics cords? If so, please share them in the comments below!

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