Giving Back – 5 Organizations to Support Over the Holidays

5 Organizations to Support Over the Holidays

It’s easy to get swept away into the insane holiday season. Your to-do list is long, there always seems to be insane work deadlines, and school schedules are packed. As you’re juggling the different areas of your life, it’s important to take the time to give back to your community.

There are many organizations that would benefit from donated goods, monetary donations or volunteered time. Look locally to see what organizations would benefit, or find an organization that falls in line with one of your passions.

Below is short list of organizations to help generate some ideas of organizations you can support this holiday season.

  1. Food Banks – Food is essential to life, and these organizations are always in dire need of donated goods and funds. If you’d like to donate food, look at the list of foods these organizations need the most including juice boxes, canned vegetables and boxed pasta.
  1. Toys for Tots – Children are the heart of the holiday season, and truly look forward to opening that special gift over the holidays. There are Toys for Tots drop-off locations around every community, and all it takes is one toy to make the holidays a little brighter for a child.
  1. USO (United Service Organizations) – The holidays aren’t the same for military family members who are separated from their loved ones. Since 1941 it has been providing care packages and entertainment to military members. Because the government doesn’t fund the organization, it relies on support from donors.
  1. Local animal shelter – There are many ways besides donating money to support your local animal shelter. I take gently used towels and sheets to my local shelter and they are always happy to receive these donations.
  1. Senior Centers/Council on Aging – Your time is oh-so valued by seniors who might not have loved ones close by. All it takes is an hour or more to make someone’s day during the holiday season. Look up your local senior center to see what services you can provide or volunteer to spend time with seniors in your community.

By blocking out time to give back, you will move into the holiday season with a grateful heart, and a better appreciation for the season.

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