Borrow, Do Not Buy

Borrow, Do Not Buy

So many people have too much “stuff” that they buy, use a few times, and then stow somewhere until a professional organizer helps them clear it out. They may even toss into the trash where it ends up in a landfill.

If you may be one of those folds, why not consider an alternative? For those items that you need only once or twice, consider borrowing from your local library’s “Library of Things”.

Many public libraries have started collections of “things” beyond traditional books and DVDs. Items that might be available to borrow from your local library include tools, binoculars, telescopes, board games, video games, birding kits, induction cook plates, wireless hot spots, or jigsaw puzzles. Some even have a seed library and exchange of packets of seeds for flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Check out your library’s website to see what items you can borrow instead of buying.

Photo: Pixabay

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