How to Fold Everything, and I Mean Everything (Even the Cheese)

How to Fold Everything, and I Mean Everything (Even the Cheese)

A key to reducing clutter and maximizing storage space is to fold your clothes and linens. Other items you might fold are dinner napkins (for presentation and utility), flags, and ingredients. I have curated a collection of instructions for folding everything, so you do not have to weed through the Internet to watch some longer-than-necessary videos.

Fitted sheets – Watch these two videos to choose which method is best for you. At first attempt, the method may seem very awkward. Do it a few times and it becomes second nature.

Martha Stewart


Towels – Who knew there are so many ways to fold a towel? Here are instructions to fold towels like in hotels or luxury spas, for a towel rack, and to reduce wear and tear. I always like the way a linen closet looks when you open the door, and you feel like you are in a store with all the sheets and towels folded nicely.

Better Home & Gardens

Napkins – Now you can fold your napkins to suit the theme or mood of your gathering, impressing guests and family!


Socks – Did you know that folding socks takes up less space than rolling them into a ball? Here are a few different methods for folding those pesky socks.


For collared shirts and t-shirts the question is to fold or hang? A lot depends on your space and hangers. You do not want to be walking around with those hanger marks on your shirts, so maybe, depending on your space, folding is better for knits and lightweight shirts.

Shirts, pants, dresses, especially for packing away for the off season, may be best folded.

Flags – Ever wonder how flags get to be that perfect triangle? At my Dad’s funeral a few months ago, I watched two Navy officers fold his flag, and they made it seem so easy. I think it would take me a few times to get it just right. How about you?

Ingredients – One of the funniest episodes on TV was the “fold the cheese” scene in the series Schitt’s Creek. Here is the answer to what David Rose (the character in Schitt’s Creek episode) wanted to know.

And just for fun – Want to learn Origami? This is how you make a spider and a dragon.

I hope I have added some whimsy to your day and saved you time by researching the various methods of folding everyday items. May it give you a giggle and save you space in your home.

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