How to Start a Book Group

How to Start a Book Group

Would you like to share your love of reading with others? If you say yes, why not start a book group? Not sure how to do so? Well just follow these steps to begin.

Ask your friends what books they read. If you have similar tastes, that is a great start, or maybe their different tastes will introduce you to authors and genres you have never considered.

Choose a theme for your book group. You can base this on types of books (contemporary fiction, nonfiction) or any other criteria. For example, is the book group an excuse for a social gathering and sharing a bottle of wine (no judgment!) or will you delve into literary criticism that will make your college English literature professors proud?

Set up basic ground rules: Where will you meet (private homes, library, restaurants)? How often, on what schedule (third Thursday of the month)? What are the expectations for food and drink: potluck, BYOB, snacks, a full meal (lunch or dinner)? Will the food served be related to the book in some way? Who chooses the book each time? Are any types of books off-limits?

A good number of members for a book group is 10-12. This allows for a good mix of opinions and participation. Larger groups are more cumbersome to organize, with discussions possibly leaving out some people. Smaller groups are move vulnerable to falling apart, as peoples’ schedules and lives intervene. For example, my friend’s book group has lost 3 members due to out-of-state moves in the past few years, but they invited new members to fill out the group.

Invite your friends and get the ball rolling! You can work out details as you go along. And be sure to have fun!

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