Five Ways to Create Your Own Relaxing Space Within Your Busy Home

Relaxing Space within your Busy home

Each room in our homes has a purpose or function. The kitchen is used for preparing food. Our bedrooms are where we sleep, and family rooms are where we gather. In your home, do you maintain a cozy spot to relax, to escape from the worries of the day? Here are five ways to create your own relaxing space within your busy home.

  1. Color Palette – No matter what room you want to have as your own relaxing space, use soft, muted colors to promote calm and serenity. If you envision the colors on the sample paint strips, look to the lower ends of each color. For example, if you like purple tones, you favor lilac; for green, chartreuse might just appeal. Stay away from harsh colors. Think about nature and what is calming to you. The blue ocean or warm grays or browns from a winter forest as just some ideas or areas that may be relaxing to you.
  2. Textures – Here too, utilizing soft elements such as a cozy blanket on a chair and a rug on the floor can promote calm. An overstuffed chair or couch with pillows will also soften a room. My sister is in love with pillows, but her spaces are warm and inviting! Even the shape of the furniture should be a consideration: try to avoid sharp angles.
  3. Lighting – Your cozy spot may be in a room that has other functions. If you can install a dimmer switch to control the overhead lighting, that is the easiest way to promote a calm environment. If you do not have that option, make sure there is a lamp that has a low wattage bulb in it so that it is the only light in the room when you want to relax.
  4. Ambience – Light soy (fewer chemicals and less soot released into the air) candles. If you are not bothered by scents, try those from nature such as lavender, vanilla, or peony. I have begun using a diffuser to add calming scent into the air. I love lavender, so that is my go to scent. I use a diffuser in my bedroom for relaxing sleep as well as one in my main living space.
  5. No Clutter – It goes without saying that a room that is cluttered does not foster a sense of calm. Have only items in this space that you love. Hide excess items that do belong in this room in baskets or cute storage bins that match the décor of the room. Limit the amount of furniture and display items.

Admittedly, I am not an interior decorator or designer. I do know, however, how to help create a room that you will instantly feel calm upon entering. By making use of the tips above, why not design just such a comfy corner in your busy home?

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