Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

Ahhh…Junk drawers… We all have them. We also all have drawers designated for a specific purpose that ultimately become unruly and unorganized as we toss more stuff into them. Here’s another possible way of how to clean out your junk drawers of items you no longer need or use.  (For more ideas, go to another one of my blog posts on Junk Drawer Organization)

1) Dump the contents of a particularly cluttered drawer or drawers into a large plastic crate. Call it the Crate of Unorganized Things.

2) Set the crate of unorganized things aside for a week to a month. See how often you go back to it for items you actually need.

3) As you pull the items you actually need out of the crate, put them in a designated container or bag. These might include kitchen utensils, office supplies, cables, and extension cords…

4) Anything you haven’t looked at in that crate within a month’s time can be tossed or donated.

5) Now take the designated containers of items you actually use from step 4. If these items already have a designated drawer or place in your home, put them where they belong.

6) The remaining items will now be the contents of your junk drawer.

Limit the contents of this junk drawer to just one drawer. Do try to limit those items to what you truly need to have closest at hand, or it will be difficult to find what you need.

Photo: Unslash