5 Ways to Get Motivated to Get Organized

5 Ways to Get Motivated to Get Organized

You’re done. Done with stuff EVERYWHERE. Done with not being able to find anything. You have decided once and for all you are going to get organized. Great! Now comes the hard part of actually doing it. It’s time to get motivated.

  1. Invite Guests– Will there be guests showing up in the future? There is nothing more motivating that having a drop-dead date to get you closer to your goal. It’s important to be realistic and giveyourself a window of time before inviting them over. Scheduling it too soon is only pure torture – be kind to yourself!
  2. Listen to Music– Start movin’ with some tunes. Every person is motivated by different melodies. It can be upbeat music, or soothing music. Whatever your preference, music will pushyou when you get stuck. I use Pandoraand choose one of my favorite songs. Pandora will select songs similar to the one you chose and most times it is just what I need to listen to. There is a free version as well as a subscription version.
  3. Take a Picture– Seeing your space through the camera is a totally different view than with your own eyes. I also encourage people to do this to see that they are making progress. Taking photos as you work will show you allthat you have accomplished.
  4. Set a Timer – I recommend using a timer to keep you on track. It is a great motivator when you know you only have to work for a certain time period. When the time expires, you might want to continue working since you’re in the groove of organizing. Using the timer also helps you stay on track if you have other obligations for that day. Starting earlier in the day will also ensure that you get the organizing done before you waste the day away on other tasks.
  5. Keep it Simple– If you are dragging your feet to getting organized, the last thing you want to do is to make it complicated. Keep in mind the person who will be using and maintaining the area that you are organizing. Labeling will be very useful so everyone knows where to get and put an item away after use. You don’t want to be the only person responsible for maintaining order in your home.

How do you stay motivated? Share so others can benefit from your ways.

Image: The Container Store

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