Do or Don’t – Hiring a cleaning service

Cleaning can take a large chunk of time from your week, and if you’re busy with work or kids, it can seem near impossible to stay on top of everything. We all feel so much better when the house is clean, but is it worth your time and energy to do it yourself or should you hire a cleaning service?

Here are four things to consider before deciding to hire a cleaning service:

  1. Cost – Examine your budget and do the math. How much do you make an hour and how long does it take to clean your house? If the math comes out in your favor, then it is a no-brainer to hire someone to clean. If it is going to cost you more than you are comfortable paying, and you really want someone else to do it, what can you give up so it doesn’t break your budget? Also, look at the opportunity cost. If you are spending 6 hours a week cleaning, when you could be spending that time with your kids or on your business, it might be a worthy investment.
  2. Stress – Do you have the time it will take to clean your house so you can really relax and feel comfortable having people in your home? It may be worth the money and reduce your stress level to have someone clean your house. You can also choose to hire someone to do the deep cleaning once a month to save your sanity. You may love it so much that you hire them to come at least once a month!
  3. Your Habits – Every person I know does a cleanup before the cleaning crew comes. If your floors are covered in clutter, a cleaning crew will spend more time picking up after you than cleaning what they need. If you are really time strapped and can’t pre-clean for the cleaner, then you may have to either readjust what they clean or do the cleaning yourself.
  4. Your Comfort Level – Are you ok with having strangers in your home cleaning while you are either in the house or away? You need to feel comfortable in your decision to have others touching your items. Some people are not ok with this and you need to consider how that will feel before picking up the phone. It is also wise to hire a housecleaner based on references. This can help with your comfort level!

Have you hired a cleaning service? If so, what advice do you have for others exploring this option!

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