Tip Tuesday – Garage Organization: What to Avoid Storing in the Garage

Tip Tuesday - Garage Organization: What to Avoid Storing in the Garage

Many people find that they are storing everything BUT their cars in the garage. Are you one of these people? Home storage is a commodity, and I completely understand the urge to toss everything in the garage for safekeeping. The first and obvious point I want to make is that you should store everything in an orderly fashion, and maintain some space for your vehicles. (Check out one of my older blog posts on this very topic!).

The next, more important point is that there are things you should absolutely avoid storing in the garage. In most parts of the country, we deal with inclement temperatures during the winter months. Therefore there are some items that should not be stored in our garages.

Paint – Paint is expensive! Extreme cold and hot temperatures are not good for paint, and you risk ruining your paint supply if you store these in the garage. Paint should be stored in a cool place, and believe it or not, stored upside down to create a tight seal around the top of the can.

Propane Tanks – Safety, first! Yes, you can bring your grill inside but leave the propane tank outside. A leak could cause an explosion and the fire code recommends that it be stored at least 5 feet from your home.

Food – Extreme temperatures are not good for canned food. Additionally, dry goods may attract rodents and other pests. It is best to leave food indoors in a cool area of your home.

Books and other paper items – In the summer heat and humidity skyrockets, and these weather conditions can ruin books, photo albums, memorabilia and other paper items. The humidity causes paper fibers to expand and contract, which will make corners curl and ruin bindings on the spines of your books and bound items.

If you do have any of the above items in your garage, it is time to move them out! By clearing out these items, you’ll create more room to walk around your car, and hey, you might be able to park your car in the garage!

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