National Fridge Clean Out Day

National Fridge Clean Out Day

Your fridge is a very important part of the holiday season. It’s the keeper of food and drinks, and what’s more important than food and drink during the holidays? Okay, family and friends are more important, but food and drink is a close second.

It’s time to get that fridge in order! Today is National Fridge Clean Out Day, and the timing couldn’t be better as Thanksgiving is next Thursday. You are going to need your fridge space to hold those delicious Thanksgiving Day fixings.

The first step is to PURGE any expired items. That means old condiments, those leftovers lurking in the back, and anything you haven’t used for a while. After you remove these items and clean the inside of your refrigerator, it’s time to get organized. Below are a few fridge organization products that may help you.

  1. Fridge Bins – Sometimes smaller items can create clutter in the fridge. Contain these items with storage bins. Store all your yogurts, juice packs, meats, cheese, etc. in bins to keep like with like. Not only are your items more contained, but also now it is easier to grab and go.
  1. Fridge Shelf Liner – Oh my goodness, I can’t imagine life without these fridge shelf liners! I love that it makes for a smooth surface for pulling items in and out of the shelf. What a genius invention!
  1. Fruit Life Extender Liner – Want to save money by reducing food spoilage? These fruit life extender liners really work! They allow air to circulate around your fruit and keep it crisper longer.

There are many other fridge organization tips and tricks to ensure a clean and clutter-free fridge. This older infographic is helpful and shows you where you should store different food items. Additionally, this article features several fridge organization hacks!

What are your go-to fridge organization tips?

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