Making Time for Fun

Making Time for Fun

“Make time for things you want to do, not just what you have to do.”

I was watching a video from Gretchen Rubin, happiness guru, and she had the above words to share. It can be hard to do this. In this crazy world, we are all trying to squeeze the most out of the day, so much so that we forget to make time for ourselves.

But like scheduling for work, you need to schedule time for YOU. This can be going to the gym, getting a pedicure, or taking a vacation.

For me, it’s hard to schedule time when I’m busy with several client projects. I’m often asked when I am the busiest. And to be honest, after almost 20 years of being a certified professional organizer in Boston, there is no pattern. I always say it depends on who is on the other end of the phone. Summers can be the busiest time for me as it is a popular time for families to move and settle in before the kids start school. I have spent a few summers working on estate clean-outs that have taken all of my free time. I love what I do, but I need some free time!

So, how do I make time for fun? It’s all about scheduling it and blocking it off in my calendar. A friend of mine and I like to do a few day trips in the summer. We went to Kennebunkport, Maine in July and this month we will be exploring Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I have had a few other fun days during the summer by taking a weekday off to go to the Peabody Essex Museum and spent an afternoon being crafty by trying glass fusion. That was fun and very relaxing. I also did a weekend trip to Martha’s Vineyard and took time off and drove to visit family in western New York.

Another element, according to Rubin, that’s important for making time for fun is setting a true “quitting time” at the end of the day. It’s easy to bring work home, or for me, work late in my home office. By writing down your quitting time in your calendar, you can hold yourself accountable and use the end of the day to schedule dinners, go to the gym or simply enjoy time with loved ones.

I also manage to take time for myself and go and get pedicures and facials, as well as walking when the weather isn’t too oppressive. After all, it’s summer and let’s try to enjoy the nicer weather and somewhat lazier days. It is all a delicate balance and when you do take time for fun, you are so much more appreciative of life and all it has to offer. What do you do for fun?

Photo: Sarah Jayne Photography

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