Spring Into Successfully Cleaning Your Home

Spring Into Successfully Cleaning Your Home

Despite the unprecedented time in which we currently find ourselves, some things never change:  it IS that time of year. Time to do spring cleaning. I know here in the Northeast we have actually seen snow in April. Though the weather may indicate otherwise, here’s how to spring into successfully cleaning your home. 

Decide where you will start and how long you will spend. –Spring cleaning is about going that much deeper in your cleaning, encompassing areas that you normally do not clean. Do you want to start from the top down or to begin at the lower level of your house and work your way up? If you live in a one-level house, do you want to start in the front or in the back of your house? Create a list of what needs to be done in each area of the home, and then decide how long you will spend tackling it.

Gather cleaners, buckets, brooms, and dust rags in advance. — It will be hard to clean if you don’t have the proper tools to use. Do an inventory in your planning stages to ensure you have the proper implements. Using the list you have created of tasks to be done, you will more easily be able to access required tools. Before rolling up your sleeves, order the items online, or do a run to the store to buy or to stock up on the cleaning supplies. 

Assign each family member a specific task or a specific room – Enlist your family in helping with spring cleaning. Have one person do the vacuuming; then assign another family member a task such as dusting all surfaces in the house including tops of doors and window frames. Alternatively, if it is easier to assign an entire room and all that it involves to a family member, try that as another option. Even if it means each person is responsible for deep cleaning their own bedroom, that person may be more invested in the project. 

Create a schedule –  Rather than leaving the cleaning to chance, create a schedule for when tasks will be done, in what order, and by whom. 

Reward time – Plan to do something fun when the cleaning is done to reward yourself and your family. You all have worked hard. Now celebrate! 

Getting this spring cleaning done will not only make your home sparkle but will also lift your spirits. You’ll fall in love with your home again! Let the sunshine in through your clean windows and highlight all those newly clean areas in your house. 

Photo by Crystal de Passillé-Chabot on Unsplash