Five Must-Have Products for Your Cruise

Five Must-Have Products for Your Cruise

You have booked your dream vacation, a cruise. Congratulations! Now the time has come to start packing for your trip. Here are five must have products for your cruise. And the best part, they are all available on Amazon!

  • Waterproof Pouch– You are going to need a pouch that will hold your cell phone. Here is one example. Just make sure you test the pouch out before you put your phone in it to make sure it truly is waterproof, and you know how to securely close the pouch.
  • Water-Resistant Watch– It doesn’t have to be the most expensive but you want to make sure it works when near water. You are going to be near water and although you can’t wear a water-resistant watch when scuba diving, you need to be on time for various outings and make sure you make it back before your ship leaves you in port.
  • Magnetic Hooks– Who knew that the walls of a cruise ship are metal? Having a bunch of magnetic hookswill increase the way you can store items such as a hanging purse and cosmetic bag.
  • Magnetic Bag Clips– One convenient use for theseare to hold the ship’s daily schedule and adhere the clip to your cabin wall.

Sticky Notes– Yes, that is right! A great way to leave notesfor your cabin mate in case you each decide to split up for the day. Purchasing the extreme notes is worth it as they are water resistant!

What are your must-have products when you cruise?


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