Pullout Shelving for the Kitchen

Pullout Shelving for the Kitchen

The kitchen is a central hub of the home. We spend a lot of time in our kitchens, and we also store a lot in our kitchens. There are many spaces in our cabinets – whether hard-to-reach or hidden – that aren’t being utilized. There is no reason why we can’t use these “secret” spaces. One item that I use to help clients accomplish this is pullout shelving.

Pullout shelving is also great as we age, when it gets harder to bend over and look in our lower cabinets for items tucked in the back. Heck, bending over or squatting to get to these spaces is just a pain in the butt, regardless of age! As with any home project, you can go the DIY route, or hire a company like Shelf Genie to come in and do the work for you.

Companies like the Shelf Genie are experts in this category of organization, and they have the ability to see your kitchen in a new light. They know how their products can maximize your storage space, and the new shelving that they have for dead space in corners is very exciting. Okay, maybe you don’t think this should be considered “exciting”, but believe me, when you see all of that new storage space, you’ll be so excited you want to do a cartwheel.

If you are DIY person, do your research to know what products are available and allow yourself the time to do this project. I often see DIY projects start collecting dust, as time is a constraint and home projects are to hard to fit into busy schedules.

I found a great pullout shelving shopping guide on The Kitchn, which is great for both hired and DIY projects.

Take a look at this list, do your research, and get started on maximizing that precious kitchen storage space. Bonus, if you get this project done before the holidays, you’ll have extra space to store all of the holiday cookie trimmings – sprinkles, cookie cutters, icing…!

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