How to Make Time for Your Love Life

Organizing Your Love Life

How do you balance your work and your love life? This is the age-old question, and one I’m not even sure cupid could answer with 100 percent confidence. When both individuals in a relationship work and have thriving careers, it can be hard to make time for love and fostering your relationship.

Modern romance often means no one is home to make dinner, and quality time can be hard to find. This is why it’s important to MAKE time for your partner. As we approach Valentine’s Day, boost the love in your relationship by making these commitments:

  1. I commit to scheduling a date night. I always talk about how important it is to plan and schedule important appointments, and the same goes for date nights with your partner. This should be an appointment you can’t reschedule. If you need a babysitter, book them in advance so you know you can still spend time together. Scheduling a date night doesn’t always mean going to dinner and drinks. To cut down on costs, you can even spend time talking over coffee, grab ice cream or go for a long walk.
  1. I commit to talking about the future. As we discussed in our last blog post, you should schedule time to talk about what you want for your future. When do you want to retire? Where do you want to retire? Do you want to age in place? Working on your future plans together gives you a goal to work towards. This also goes for vacations. Do you both have a dream vacation in mind that you want to take? If so, have that conversation and set up a budget – and date! – so you can start saving. Set up a budget to save for this with a future date in mind to keep it real. Planning the trip together will keep you both interested and create excitement as you work towards your goal.
  1. I commit to avoid using technology in the bedroom. We’ve seen this scenario time and time again on sitcoms. The wife or husband is laying in bed, with their laptop, working away, eliminating the opportunity for quality time. Make a promise to each other to keep iPads, TV, iPhones out of the bedroom. By putting a technology ban in place in the bedroom, you can focus the attention on each other.
  1. I commit to doing something nice for my partner at least once a month. Small, sweet gestures go a long way in a relationship. These moments can have a lasting impact in lifting the mood of a relationship. Try starting the car for the other person on a cold morning, making dinner or cleaning up after dinner if your partner is the one that normally does this task. It can also be scheduling a surprise date night in the middle of a hectic work week. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, and the important takeaway is making the gesture from-the-heart and unexpected. Once you start depositing more energy into the relationship, you’ll find that your partner will start to do the same.

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