Movin’ On Out – Part 1: Moving Tips from a Boston Professional Organizer

Boston Professional Organizer Moving

Moving is bittersweet. On one hand there are new beginnings on the horizon – new house, new city, new fun! – but on the other hand … you need to MOVE. To some, this is a four-letter word. I haven’t met many people who really enjoy the process of moving. After all, it takes time to mentally – and physically organize – then purge, pack, and move out…and then move in and essentially do the aforementioned tasks once again.

The good news is that I’m here to help those in the Boston area planning a move by sharing organization tips for moving. Over the course of the next three blog posts, I’ll share my professional moving tips that will help your next move run as smooth as possible.

Today’s post is centered around the three p’s – planning, prepping and purging. Below are five moving tips to keep in mind as you get the moving train moving:

  1. Start planning your move two months out – Put together a packing plan for what you want to accomplish over the course of the next two months. This plan can include deadlines for when certain rooms in the house need to be packed. For example, one month out start to pack up the garage and attic. Then 2-3 weeks pack up the closets. You get the picture. Also include action items for when you should call and transfer/cancel utility services, forward your mail, update your personal billing information, etc.
  2. Think about boxes and packing supplies – Do not wait until the last minute to purchase these supplies, or find the right boxes. You don’t want to get in a situation when you’re in need of boxes the day the moving trucks arrive! Also, pick up other supplies to keep you organized like labels and color sharpies so you can color code by room (more on that in the next post!).
  3. Schedule your movers –Don’t wait to do this! Planning a New England move in the summertime means moving companies will be booked out. Call ahead of time to ensure you’ll get your top choice for moving company.
  4. Take Measurements at your new home – You’ll inevitably move to an entirely different home, which means what you have in your current home will likely not work in your new one. If you’re able, take measurements of your new home so you can get an idea of what furniture will make the cut for the move. If something won’t fit, it’s best to sell or purge that item so that you can minimize moving unnecessary items.
  5. Trash and Donate – As mentioned above, the last thing you want to do is move stuff you don’t need! Before you move, go through clothing, furniture, etc. you want to give away or throw away. The more upfront time spent doing this now, the more time and stress you’ll save yourselves. If you opt to make a donation, find organizations that will pick up like the Vietnam Veterans of American and Big Brothers Big Sisters. If you prefer to drop off, Goodwill and Salvation Army are easy and in many spots across New England.

After you’ve mastered the three p’s, the next step is to physically pack! Tune back next week for part 2 in my moving tips series when I discuss how to pack a house – the right way!

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