May is National Moving Month

We are heading into the summer months and this is a popular time of the year for families to move. The kids are out of school, so there are fewer interruptions in their lives and, if moving out of town, the transition is easier on them.

Moving can be stressful. If you make a plan and pack in an organized fashion, you really can alleviate a lot of headaches. Here are a few tips to help you pack for a move:

1. Label at least 2 sides of each box. Label the long and short sides of the boxes. This way when the movers bring the boxes into your new space, you can ask them to make sure the labels face out and therefore, depending on how they stack them, the boxes will either have the label on the short or long side facing out.

2. Be specific when labeling. Don’t just write ‘Kitchen’ on all your kitchen boxes. That won’t be helpful when you are unpacking and looking for specific items like your pots & pans, drinking glasses, coffee mugs, or silverware.

3. Color coordinate your move. Choose a color for each room and then use that color label or dot for each box going into that room. Create a cheat sheet for yourself and the movers. Make a sign for each room with that color label or dot on it and hang it on the outside of the room so movers know what room you want the boxes and furniture to go into. For example,
kitchen = red, master bedroom = blue, office = green, etc.

4. Designate one area as packing central. Keep markers, packing tape, labels, colored dots, packing material, boxes, and other critical items together. When you are done packing for the day, make sure all items go back into that area.

5. You will always need more tape, boxes, and packing material than you think. Save your receipts and don’t skimp on supplies.

If you need help establishing homes and editing your belongings, call or email to set up an appointment. Resolutions is your Link to an Organized Future!

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